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Industrial Services

Proper ventilation in your industrial building is key for maintaining good air quality, and for providing a safe environment for your employees. Whether you are looking to improve the air quality in your factory, or to vent dust and debris to the exterior of the building, we have multiple solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs. .
Our sheet metal shop gives us the ability to field-fabricate ventilation hoods, connectors, duct, and much more, which yields fast, custom, professional work for your facility. Oasis AC & Heating can upgrade or replace existing ventilation equipment in your factory, or design a new system from scratch. Contact us today to set up a consultation!
Heating and Cooling
A well-running heating and cooling system is critical to ensure that your employees have a comfortable environment to work in during the varying Northern Nevada weather throughout the year. Whether your existing system is in need of maintenance to get it back to optimum performance, or you're in the market for the latest high efficiency heating systems, we are here to help. With access to superior products from Lennox® and other top brands, you will have peace of mind that your new system will deliver high efficient technology for years to come. 
Because of our extensive experience with multiple industries and building types, there is no industrial project that Oasis can't handle. With access to equipment from the biggest names in the HVAC industry, we can perform standard installs or custom tailor a heating and cooling system to accommodate your needs. 
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