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Maintenance & Service


It's no secret that routine maintenance and service on your HVAC system will prolong lifespan while saving you money on your utility bills in the long-run. Your HVAC system is an investment, so why wouldn't you keep it running in optimum condition? Oasis recommends bi-annual services on your heating and air conditioning system, one in the Spring, and the other in Fall. Keeping up on regualarly scheduled maintenance and small repairs on a regular basis will help reduce on costly service calls down the road. 

Let Oasis AC & Heating help you take the stress and guesswork out of system maintenance with our Preventative Maintenance Care Program.

See below to learn more about the advantages and money-saving features of this plan!

Preventative Maintenance Care Program
Oasis is excited to announce our updated Preventative Maintenance Care Program for all of your service needs! We make it easy to help you save money on your equipment maintenance, repairs, and utility bill. By keeping up on routine maintenance, you'll avoid minor complications and complete mechanical failures on your HVAC system. With the drastic temperature swings from season to season in Northern Nevada, you can have the peace of mind that your heating and cooling system is always in optimum running condition, regardless of the climate. 
Why Sign Up for a Preventative Maintenance Care Program?
Our maintenance program is available for commercial and residential properties alike, and contributes to your comfort and air quality of your home and business. Here are some benefits of signing up for the Preventative Maintenance Care Program:
Save Money
By keeping up on small repairs now, the need for large repairs later is significantly reduced. A well maintained and running HVAC system will also help reduce your utility bill. 
System Efficiency
Keeping your HVAC system serviced on a regualr basis allows Oasis to make sure your that the coils, refrigerant, filters, and duct in your system are all in good working condition. When all components of your heating and air conditioning systems are working properly, you can be assured that your equipment is running at peak efficiency. 
Fewer Service Calls
By allowing Oasis to maintain your heating and cooling system at recommended service intervals, the likelihood of an emergency service call will be non-existent. 
Longer Equipment Lifespan
Routine maintenance ensures the longevity of your system. Your HVAC system is an investiment - make sure you're getting the most of it for years to come. 

What's Included in the Preventative Maintenance Care Plan? 

● Guaranteed Appointments Within 24 Hours

● Bi-Annual Tune-Up (Spring Tune-Up for AC, Fall Tune-Up for Heater)

● Discounted Service Fees

● Discounted Emergency Service

● Members Receive a 10% Discount on Parts

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